Tool School

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Tea Party, Tools
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tool, n “A person used by another for his own ends; one who is, or allows himself to be, made a mere instrument for some purpose; a cat’s-paw.” (The Oxford English Dictionary)

What stole your trip to Disney is your father’s 20 foot 2010 MasterCraft X-1 ski boat with the 400 Watt soundsystem and the 2011 Ford Super Duty F-450 XLT he bought to pull it with. Between that and all the time he’s taking off from the job to drag you and the rest of the family to the Tea Party rallies, yes, you can kiss the Magic Kingdom goodbye … along with your college education.

  1. kobeight says:

    It was actually the bail money spent on your dad, when he was caught tapping the floor of the airport bathrooms! LOL! Republicans are so stupid.

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