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Look at who they rounded up at Walmart!  Hey Tool – quit tea baggin’ us and go back to work and pay your taxes like the rest of us.

Racism is not the greatest of the Tea Party’s identifying qualities. Just look at all the pictures on this site and you’ll see that slot is occupied by ignorance. Racism is simply a pathological side effect of glaring, numbing ignorance.


“…you can pick up your white hoods and robes at the check in desk.”

Heaven forbid these tools should have to pay more taxes. They’d miss the payments on their Hummer. Or the daily macho combo burrito.

“I call myself ‘DJ Legit’ because my message is legitimately a hate crime.”

The sad thing is that this is someone’s father…

There’s so many levels of wrong and hate there that it defies description, or mocking.

And what’s up with this bitter little man’s bean? Is that his head peering over his sign or did somebody stick sunglasses and a hat on a pot roast and stand it on the corner with this sign?

Dude, Jabba the Hutt called, he wants his moral sensibilities back. And his wattles, you morbidly obese tool.

Look at these tools. They had better get used to standing on street corners holding signs, because begging for change will be their best option considering their level of home skooling and toolness.

Education doesn’t come free.  Nor does femdom. But we’ll talk about that later.

You’re being sold short by your own side, toolboy. You have all the signs…

Look at this dimbulb. Another low-wattage luminary of the Tea Party, utterly convinced her misbegotten and benighted opinions are worthy of sharing.

Um, no. Socialism did not bring Hitler to power. Fascism brought Hitler to power.

Ask Dick Cheney, he knows all about fascism and power.


Look at this half-wit. I bet he never met a jelly donut he didn’t like.

Learning how to spell ‘resistance’ is even more patriotic than standing at a Tea Party rally holding up a tree.