At Least He Knows His Constituency

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Tea Party
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You simply can’t make this stuff up. I dare you to even to try.

Here we have a Tea Party candidate giving away a SNIPER RIFLE as a campaign fund raiser. And not just any old sniper rifle, but the most powerful one available. Who the fuck besides soldiers, Blackwater employees and Dick Cheney needs a .50 caliber sniper rifle that is accurate for over a mile?!  Tea Partiers, that’s who! The same deranged folks who call for overthrow of the government and proclaim at their rallies “We Came Unarmed This Time.”

Giving these nuts guns is like giving matches and lighter fluid to mental patients.

  1. kobeight says:

    Barrett’s are waaay coool! But give this weapon to a right wing nut, and you’d better keep an eye on that bastard!

  2. […] when heavily armed Tea Partiers with signs like this make threatening comments, gun regulations are probably a good […]

  3. Greg Camp says:

    By the same line of “reasoning,” regulations of speech are probably a good idea for people who write blogs like this. A right is a right, and until someone commits a crime, that right is inalienable.

  4. Greg Camp says:

    And yes, the Barrett is an impressive rifle, although I doubt many bad guys will be using one. The weapon itself costs north of $8,000 brand new, and the ammunition is around $5 a shot. You can pick up a used one for $4,000 now and then.

    I don’t need one any more than I need my CD of Mozart’s “Requiem,” but I certainly do want one.

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