(Tea) Party Crasher

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Tea Party

I know just how he feels.

At least he didn’t have to lose the white robe and hood before going out in public like so many tea baggers do…

  1. Tea Party Patriot says:

    This photo must have been taken in San Francisco. He looks like your typcal homersexual tea bagging libby. Get ready for the Tea Party victory in 2012 fuckheads!

    • Tool Time says:


      Like Insane McCain in 08?
      Or Bush 1 when clinton slammed him?
      GW wasn’t a victory…ha was appointed by the wingnut SCOTUS after their voter fraud scheme failed….

      Enjoy the koolaid wingnut….

  2. Mem says:

    you’re intelligent

  3. Tool Time says:

    This could be anywhere…the baggers are a minority, and 97% of America is laughing at you…every bagger that runs against a Dem this year is a sure thing…to lose.

    Reno and Vegas sportsbooks have em 1000 to 1, AGAINST.

    Needless to say, they are not seeing much action from real bettors, just baggers who want to lost their SSI real fast in November….

  4. JMM says:

    This is just rich. Gotta love the intellectual prowess of “tea party patriot”, but when they lose in 2012, how much more can he really cling to his assault rifle (prob russian made) and his religion. Probably not much more, but we will see……………

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