Tea Party Trifecta Of Wrong

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Antisemitism, Racism, Tea Party
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There’s so many levels of wrong and hate there that it defies description, or mocking.

And what’s up with this bitter little man’s bean? Is that his head peering over his sign or did somebody stick sunglasses and a hat on a pot roast and stand it on the corner with this sign?

Dude, Jabba the Hutt called, he wants his moral sensibilities back. And his wattles, you morbidly obese tool.

  1. K says:

    That dude is insane.

  2. Real Patriot says:

    That man has more brains and balls then 100 liberals put together. Pull your head out of your ass and you’ll see what I mean. It’s going to be payback time when Palin the Christian kicks Obama the Muslim out of the Whitehose so keeping laughing morons.

    • Mem says:

      you believe it takes brains to insult the victims of the holocaust? what is wrong with you?

      • Real Patriot says:

        All you libs are so damn worried about being politically correct that you can’t see what’s being done by the muslim in the Whitehouse your savior Barack Hussein Obama II. While hes bowing to royal Saudi camel jockeys and destroying our standing in the world hes got his pals from ACORN and SEIU tearing apart this great nation our parents and grandparents built with socialist policies like healtcare for illegal immigrants and welfare mothers. But its nothing Sarah Palin ca’nt fix. In 2012 you’ll be sorry

      • Tool Time says:

        Real Patriot :

        Go back and finish 3rd grade, TOOL

    • Tool Time says:

      These wingnuts are delusional…..

    • writechic says:

      A genuine Hatriot! Awesome. Are your parents related? Did you froth and wag your tongue in proper prayer warrior fashion before typing? I’m most impressed that you almost spelled everything right. For posterity: it’s White House, Sparky. I’ll give “keeping laughing” a pass just this once. 😆

  3. K says:

    6 Million Jews were killed – literally KILLED – by the Nazis.
    That sign is a disgrace, Real Patriot.
    Is Whitehose supposed to be code for something?

  4. KOBEIGHT says:

    Hate on so many levels. That’s what’s wrong with America now a days….White racists are not afraid to rally in public anymore. Rebublicans are the pariah of this great nation.

  5. Seven says:

    Real Patriot: You’re right, we will be sorry when Sarah Palin is elected in 2012. Cause she will be the biggest disaster this country will ever see. By the way, who do you think started this entire mess we’re in now? Give up? Reagan. That piece of shit deregulated everything, and started this entire domino effect and economic downward spiral (which by the way, we’re still hurting from). This, followed by Bush Sr. then the final nail in the coffin, the absolute failure of a president GW Bush. Bush walked out of the WH while our economy was on the brink of complete collapse. He gave tax incentives to businesses that outsourced OUR jobs!! Get real bro. I’m not saying Obama is the best president, but you need to wake up. NO one in Washington (repub or dem) cares about you or me, unless you’re some sort of billionaire or a CEO for a Fortune 500 company. It’s not about Liberal vs. Conservative, right vs. left and all that knee jerk bullshit. It’s about the people with money fucking the people without money. Nothing Obama has done, has remotely come close to the utter destruction that the previous administrations have done in the past 30 years, including Clinton. You tea baggers need to turn off your TV and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

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