The Historical Ignorance Of The Tea Partiers

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Misinformation, Tea Party
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Look at this dimbulb. Another low-wattage luminary of the Tea Party, utterly convinced her misbegotten and benighted opinions are worthy of sharing.

Um, no. Socialism did not bring Hitler to power. Fascism brought Hitler to power.

Ask Dick Cheney, he knows all about fascism and power.

  1. Sam says:

    Are you aware that Nazi stands for National Socialist Party?

    • latftp says:

      Yes, but no. Are you aware that NAZIs were fascists, not socialists? They were, regardless of how they chose to brand their evil. Every college freshman knows that this is an uncontroversial, settled historical fact. Again, the name of this post, “The Historical Ignorance Of The Tea Partiers,” proves itself apt.

      • Tool Time says:

        Why bother explaining?
        These people are the worst ting to happen to America since the KKK.

        They are just the REAL face of the Conservative Right And they have shown America and the world what the Right is all about. Now we are watching the Right implode, but they think it’s a ‘red wave’ and will take over again in November.

        They had to come out sometime, a dying dog bites at it’s wounds….

  2. Seven says:

    It’s going to get messy in the next few years. I hate to sound like them, but when you have The Fox News Network and Clear Channel (knee jerk media) spewing out complete bullshit with these people eating it up like it’s the fucking gospel, there is no other outcome. These people have their heads so far up Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Coulters ass, they take everything these douche-bag-conservative-shock jocks shit-out, as the word of God. The other day I heard some Tea Bagger going on about how Obama is not an American citizen…Are they still talking about that? The sad thing is, these are the same people that said criticizing the ‘Commander in Chief’ is comparable to sympathizing with the terrorists. What complete fucking hypocrites. It’s just unbelievable.

    • JMM says:

      We are seeing the direct results of a “Southern Strategy” that has pulled in a huge voting block for the GOP over the past 30 years. Too bad for America that voting block is largely uneducated, racist, and will continue to cling to their guns and religion as long as Beck and Limbaugh tell them to! They all feel Obama is extreme, yet 2012 will show once again that most of this country is moderate and won’t tolerate extreme views – they will in effect elect Obama because they are voting against the Tea Party!

  3. writechic says:

    My what a ginormous crotch shot! She man have a little French in her with those frog shaped thighs…okay maybe a BIG French in her.

  4. bradyreport says:

    I hate to tell you Nazism a brand of socialism. Both Marx and Hitler were anti Semitic (Read Marx’s 1844 Jewish Question) Both Communism & Fascism use anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric. The European Political Spectrum of Right/Left is flawed. There is on one extreme side “Central Government /Totalitarianism/Marxist /Fascist the other extreme side is Anarchy our founders wanted us to be in a constitutional libertarian republic (Which BTW is “Classical Liberalism” . Both the Neo Cons & 20th Liberals are stuck in their ideological dance. We need to go back to our founding principles

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