Welcome To The Tea Party

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Antisemitism, Tea Party
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“…you can pick up your white hoods and robes at the check in desk.”

Heaven forbid these tools should have to pay more taxes. They’d miss the payments on their Hummer. Or the daily macho combo burrito.

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  2. writechic says:

    High food security in the tea party.

  3. Chopper Jones says:

    I described the Tea Baggers as “rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes” and I think it upset a few of the TEA BAGGERS. I’m truly sorry I hurt your feelings and I will try to be more careful in the future. As for all the rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes please keep drinking the GOP/TEA BAGGER/FOX NEWS kool-aid.

  4. PatriotEagle says:

    What the fuck are you libtards complaining about here? Wheres the racism? These are just normal folks exercising there right to protest our muslim marxist in chief.

  5. sailrick says:

    The guy holding the sign about Germany and 1939 makes me laugh, but not with pleasure. These people are just like the ones who were easy to recruit by Nazis in the early days. Disrupting town hall meetings about health care, rather than participating. The Brown Shirts did that. The appeal to racism, xenophobia, homophohia, religous bigotry, fear and hate mongering – dished out by the right wing talk show hosts, Palin, etc. is exactly like what the Nazis employed to recruit members.

  6. sailrick says:

    I offer you PatriotEagle as exhibit A

    Proves my point

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