Another Fine Racist Video Brought To You By The Tea Party

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Racism, Tea Party
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This racist assclown is Grady Warren of Jacksonville, Florida. According to the Fishing for Freedom Triple Challenge benefitting the Tea Party MovementFor the last 20 years, he has hosted and produced over 500 television shows and dozens of travel videos for hunting and fishing resorts from Argentina to Oregon.”

Deleted by YouTube 3/2011!

UPDATE: Here’s the original even more racist version that was taken down by YouTube: Barack Obama, the angry negro

Another new version is up at YouTube, 3/16/2011

This lovely video is from Conservative Sportsmen and was promoted by Team Sarah

Filled with good, clean White conservative American sentiments and threats like “We don’t want 15 to 20 million illiterate Mexicans and Chicanos in our society and living like rats in our neighborhood. They must go and either the government steps up or the government will have to clean up.” and “Barack, you, your advisors, … wanted to know who these pissed off people are in this country. The pissed off people sir, are the white people. It’s the white people, stupid.

This is the sort of people leading the Tea Party movement. How so? Because Grady Warren was the host of the Fishing for Freedom Triple Challenge benefitting the Tea Party Movement, billed as a “fundraising event … to raise money and awareness of your local Tea Party Organization.” It’s another example of the racism endemic to the Tea Party (as if you needed another example…). So you’ve got the producer of this video, a blatant racist, raising money for the Tea Party. And then you’ve got Team Sarah, Sarah Palin’s own gaggle of brown shirts, promoting the racist video! This is what the Tea Party is all about folks! Welcome back to the sort of organized racism we thought we’d banished in the 1960’s.

He says they’re going vote out all the lying Democrats and non-conservative Republicans. But then what’s all the weapons in the t-shirts featuring armed elephants and the slogan “peaceful but prepared” for?

Oh, and the video is called “Barack the Angry Negro.” There’s no racism in the Tea Party, you betcha.

BTW, read more about Team Sarah’s ugly problem with racism here.

More Grady Warren showing off his racist views here.  A particularly racist and bigoted rant.

  1. PatriotEagle says:

    This man is a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT! There’s nothing racist about giving our muslim-in-chief a clear message that immigrants and socialists are not going to take away our rights and tear down our country without having to fight REAL AMERICANS first. Libtards our cowards. Now that we the majority and real Americans are finally standing up to libtards they’re wondering what hit them. We need to protect the Second Ammendment, defend against freeloading immigrants, keep English the official language of the United States, and stop the government from telling us what to buy think and do. This country was built by Americans, for Americans, and is defended by real American PATRIOTS like this guy!

    • TrojanDevil says:

      You say we need to defend the 2nd amendment…agreed.

      You say ‘defend against freeloading immigrants,’…maybe but it seems like freeloading generally is the problem be it domestic or foreign. In reality, immigrants (both legal and illegal) constitute some of the hardest working people in the population–Also, the REAL americans you keep talking about were all immigrants including the two morons who made the bad decision to spawn your stupid ass

      You say ‘keep English the official language’…English isn’t the official language now. Furthermore, you sure put a vehement defense of a language you are not very good at (‘libtards our cowards’ [sic.]) Also, no one is proposing that another language be the official language. Think of it this way, if you learned more languages you could be a more international ass-hat spouting your ignorance, hate, and stupidity more effectively…

      Lastly, if the ass-clown in this video is your paradigmatic REAL AMERICAN for whom this nation was built, we should start over. Also, this douche bag hasn’t built anything…

      In the end, all we rational folks can hope for is that you have an accidental discharge while cleaning your constitutionally protected gun before Nov. 2. Even if it doesnt blow your brains out, maybe it could at least blow your nuts off so you cant reproduce.

  2. Val Veliz says:

    Ok, I think I’m going to be sick. This man is a hate-filled SICKO, not a patriot. I need to go take a shower to wash his filth off now. I can’t believe there are neanderthals like this still around. That goes for you too, Eagle.

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