Republican Candidate Calls for Armed Uprising at Tea Party Rally

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Tea Party
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Another example of the culture of intimidation coming from the Tea Party.

Catherine Crabill, wingnut Republican nutjob, er, nominee for the 99th Congressional District of Virginia IS OUT OF HER MIND. Here she yammers to her Tea Party friends in the “resolution style” which has become very popular among Teabaggers. That is to say every sentence begins with “Whereas” and is followed by insane rants. Here is a quote for your enjoyment:

“We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box… That’s the beauty of our 2nd Amend rights.”

Did you get that? If they don’t win the election they still have their guns to resort to.  These people are fucking insane. They should not be allowed anywhere near guns. And asshats like Crabill are irresponsibly fanning the flames of their insanity. Criminally so, if another one of these Tea Baggers snaps and decides to act on their incitement.

  1. writechic says:

    Whereas this chick looks like a dude. Whereas these crazy, moron f*cks embrace hate speech and threats of murder speech… Whereas celebrating ignorance is a prerequisite to be a tea party member.

    Jesus Christ these people are nuts.

  2. You guys know that video is from July 2009, right?

  3. She lost that race and then got crushed in a GOP primary for Congress this year, receiving only 12.03% of the vote.

  4. reprindle says:

    I fail to see your point. Thanks for dropping by though.

  5. PatriotEagle says:

    The reason the Founding Fathers wisely gave us the second ammendment was for situations like the one we are in right now: a socialist usurper trying to remake the country in the image of what the minority of Americans who voted for him want: a socialist paradise for illegal immigrants and liberal freeloaders! Thats why we have the right to bear arms: to resist the imposition of tyranny! Real Americans know this and will rise up to libtards and take our country back either at the ballot box or with our blood!

  6. […] no mistake.  A bunch of totalitarian-minded leftists would love to criminalize the words of Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, and most importantly, you and me.  Read the comments […]

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