The Tea Party Is Revolting

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Racism, Tea Party
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…literally and figuratively.

I can just imagine what the back of this clown’s shirt says.  And where the fuck is “Mauitania”? Sounds nice, where ever it is… It’s Tea Party asshats like this that make this job fun (and embarrassing to be an American).

  1. writechic says:

    So, Deliverance, here, wants to own people, too? I mean really…what could his point be?

  2. Chopper Jones says:

    I described the Tea Baggers as “rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes” and I think it upset a few of the TEA BAGGERS. I’m truly sorry I hurt your feelings and I will try to be more careful in the future. As for all the rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes please keep drinking the GOP/TEA BAGGER/FOX NEWS kool-aid.

  3. PatriotEagle says:

    This is fucking stupid. Shooting down a valid point because of a misspelling. Just like third fucking grade again. I guess that how libtards operate and why our schools are such disasters, there run by libtards.

  4. […] bet two dozen of this whackjob’s favorite donuts that he’s the same Tea Party clown as this guy. They appear to be wearing the same Desert Storm Veteran hat, they have the same bitter, […]

  5. PatriotEagle says:

    Just like stupid libs making fun of anything they dont understand. Your so predicable. See you in November when the Tea Party Wave washes over this country.

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