Tea Party Mommy Can’t Spell

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Illiteracy, Tea Party
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Another Tea Bagger tool. She can’t be bothered to spell ‘daughter’ correctly or to proof read her sign but she’s got time to show up at a Tea Party rally, stand around yammering, and put her illiterate self and signs on display. If she were rational and genuinely concerned about her daughter’s future she’d take a remedial english course.

And it won’t cost much doug, er, dough at her local community college. Which, BTW, is funded by TAXES. Tea Baggers are going to get exactly the country they deserve if they are successful.

  1. PatriotEagle says:

    Fuck you assholes making fun of normal Americans. Shes good people doin the right thing – standing up to libs and tyranny. You really hate your country. If I had my way libs would all be shipped off to Mexico.

    • Andrae says:

      normal people know how to spell I am an independent both sides have things I agree with. But normal does not mean qualified. Bush may have been made fun of but he is actually intelligent I know that o’donnell, palin, and Angle are not smarter than me and with that being said, I KNOW i am not qualified to run this country!

    • Lucifer says:

      PatriotEagle (and obvious Tea Party supporter), when you say “Shes good people doin the right thing”, do you actually mean “She’s a good person doing the right thing”? Maybe you should learn some spelling and grammar before leaving comments on a page that is making fun of the bad spelling and grammar of Tea Party supporters….Just a thought.

  2. Gust says:

    That twat is stupid – and ugly. Poor thing.

  3. Val Veliz says:

    How embarrassing.

  4. Val Veliz says:

    Eagle- You say shipped off to Mexico like it was a bad thing. I could use a vacation in Mexico.

  5. JMM says:

    That is part of the problem, that normal Americans can no longer spell, or think for themselves. I pity this womans daugHter. But really, in a nut shell, THIS IS THE TEA PARTY! pretty sad.

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