There’s A Racist Bigot All Right

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Racism, Tea Party
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Just look at this hateful little man. Every time he looks in the mirror a racist bigot stares back at him but he’s too blinded by his rage to recognize it. Unfortunately for him and Tea Baggers like him we don’t have the same problem, recognizing hate.

I bet two dozen of this whackjob’s favorite donuts that he’s the same Tea Party clown as this guy. They appear to be wearing the same Desert Storm Veteran hat, they have the same bitter, narrow-minded scowl often found on racist bigots, same red belt pouch, and they have the same taste in tasteless tee shirts.

If so, he’s won the distinction of being the first Tea Partier to be the subject of two separate posts at If anyone knows him and if it’s true that he’s one and the same, please let him know where he can collect his donuts. Then shoot yourself.

  1. d says:

    this site sucks. the tea party is at least able to articulate sensible strategies for improving the economy. the democrats cannot. this website is adding nothing to the public debate.

  2. […] are we to take from these websites and quotes like this: “Just look at this hateful little man. Every time he looks in the mirror a racist bigot […]

    • latftp says:

      Everything anyone needs to know about that sad racist is printed right on his sorry shirt. Mocking bigotry is an excellent response to racists. Our reason for our caustic, transgressive humor is implicit in every photo of narrow-minded, hateful racists on our blog; it couldn’t be more clear. Our aim at LATFTP is to be provocative and funny. If we succeed on both 80% of the time I consider that a success. But if I have to choose between the two I choose the former. I’d rather have people think about and discuss endemic Tea Party racism at our expense than have a cheap laugh at theirs. So enjoy the humor for what it is – biting and mean. Or don’t. There’s a distinction between an appropriate response to bigotry and the bigotry itself and a savvy wit recognizes the difference. Thanks again for visiting, sorry the humor there isn’t your cup of Tea.

  3. PatriotEagle says:

    Fuck you libs. This mans a real patriot not a racist. Its you libs who are the racists always playing the race card and calling real Americans racists. Of course you dont see it. Just a couple more weeks and youll be cryin instead of laughing. See you in November assholes.

  4. sfcmac says:

    Here’s a real laugh for anti-Tea Party race-baiters:

    “How to Speak Douchebag”

    Learning to speak “Douchebag” isn’t very hard. You can become fluent in Douchebag in no time at all by simply listening to the instructional examples put forth by the Democratic Party.

    It’s so easy, even a latftp moron can do it.

    Lesson One: When you encounter terms used by ObamaCare opponents like projected “23.7 trillion dollar deficit”, “tax increases”, “penalties for not buying government-controlled health care insurance”, “health care rationing”, “unfair burden on future generations”, “decline in the quality of health care”, and “have you actually read the bill?”, respond with the Douchebag repartee: You ‘bitter, gun-clinging, racist!’.

    Lesson Two: If you’re having trouble convincing ObamaCare opponents that the STATE knows what’s good for them, resort to the ‘marginalization’ techniques practiced by Douchebags like Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.):

    “They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The ‘birthers,’ the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militias and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Obama should exist.”

    And Harry Reid:

    “lies, innuendo and rumor”…”evil-mongers!”

    And Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer:

    “These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”

    Ignorant Tea Party rednecks need to understand that disrupting the facts and differing views of real American Douchebags, is un-American.

    Lesson Three: Don’t be discouraged when one of them points to the SEIU’s influence over policy, or the special interest groups tied to ObamaCare like PHARMA, AMA, and the AARP. Just use the Douchebag axiom: “You hate Obama because he’s our first Black President, you racist!”

    Lesson Four: When a Tea Party protester objects to the government coming in between them and their health care choices, tell them they’re just “paranoid” and some kind of “KKK kook”.

    If all else fails, use the standard: It’s all BUSH’s fault!” or “You know why? Shut up, that’s why!”

    Douchebag…because the reality of patriotic Americans who oppose socialism and support the U.S. Constitution, is just too hard to deal with.

    • latftp says:

      Well bust my britches! Aren’t you the clever one. Racist apologists are just so smart. Those of us opposed to racism and the racists in the Tea Party you defend are supposed to do what now? Be vanquished? Feel defeated? Step out for latte? We need no lesson to understand your sorry method; defenders of Tea Party racists provide dyed-in-the-wool examples like yours every time they comment here. Your’s is a prime example of the “Call up the blamethrower, we’re under attack!” school of rhetoric.

      Notice how you and other racist apologists like NooneOfAnyImport never actually address any of the examples of Tea Party racism shown here? Do you denounce this congenital oaf’s tee shirt message? Nope. Disown Warren Grady’s racist video below? Hell no. Castigate the racist message of the granny Tea Partier? Not even. Reproach any of the literally dozens of other photos of real Tea Party racism? No way.

      You my friend, are a racist enabler.

      Your method, like that of all racism enablers, is to ignore the racism and instead attempt to redirect the discussion to a topic that suits your cause like “ObamaCare,” “Nancy Pelosi,” “Steny Hoyer.” Or something like “real Americans … oppose socialism and support the U.S. Constitution” which not just shifts the focus from the racists in the Tea Party but turns it around into an attack by implying anyone who stands up to Tea Party racism is somehow not an American or against the Constitution. Your method is called ‘misdirection’ and it’s a logical and rhetorical fallacy that any college freshman will recognize as BS.

      By the way, I wonder what the government thinks of you misusing a government network to participate here. I can tell you what a certain tax payer thinks. For someone who claims to be so concerned about good government, you don’t seem to feel any responsibility to provide it.

      • sfcmac says:

        Spoken like a magna-cum-douchebag.

      • latftp says:

        There’s a spectrum of douchebaggery. At the top of the douchebag heap are racists, like our Tea Party friend in the picture here. Next in line are the ones who defend and excuse racists, the racist enablers: That’s you. And somewhere far beneath them are those who mock and deride racists and their enablers, and that would be us. Given a choice, we’d never trade places with you.

      • sfcmac says:

        I’m retired military. I use MY OWN network. FYI: Military personnel pay taxes as well. Dem douchebags tend to forget that. Thanks for proving my point: When Dem libtards lose the argument, they resort to race-baiting.

      • latftp says:

        You must have had egg on your hat because you’re generalizing. There are plenty veterans who vote Democrat you know. It’s just that racist enablers like you make many too ashamed to admit they served alongside. The only race-baiting you’ll find here is the racism displayed by Tea Partiers on their shabby signs, grubby shirts and bigoted comments.

      • sfcmac says:

        “You must have had egg on your hat because you’re generalizing…..”


        Is that all you got? “I know what you are but what am I” playground taunts? Gawd how pathetic. Hate to burst your libtard bubble, but the majority of military people—accross the board—vote Republican. Why do you think the Dems want desperately to suppress their vote?

        I can hardly wait to see your meltdown on 2 November when the Dem autocracy is kicked out of Congress. See you then, sweetpea.

      • latftp says:

        What we’ve got is this site, and about 350 more pictures of Tea Party stupidity and racism to publish. How’s having some of your Tea Party pals exposed as the racists they are working for you? And you think we’re doing this because we’re scared? We do it because we’re DISGUSTED. We’re disgusted by these racists and the organization that tolerates them.

        Oh, and don’t count your chickens before their hatched, pal. By the way, ‘across’ only has one ‘c.’ Just sayin’.

  5. After reviewing your site, I’d suggest you look up racism. Expressing an opinion is not racism. When you generalize an entire group for having certain attributes and make claim that one race is superior to another, that is racism. Also, you would be described as a bigot because you seem intolerant to other people’s beliefs and opinions.

    I notice you didn’t post any pics or videos from the Progressive rally that failed. Why is that? Scared to expose real racism and bigotry or does it go against your agenda to slander an entire group due to a few obsene signs? Even Obama, and the majority of Dems, have came out and said the Tea Party is not based on racism. Obama said folks would be angry at him if he were purple. Then again, I don’t think you are one who likes to read fact-based information.

    Why are you progressives so angry? Your guy won. I guess I’d be angry too if I were so easily tricked with catchy campaign slogans.

    • latftp says:

      Are you pretending the Tea Party does not have a problem with racism? And not just racism in the rank-and-file, but at the Tea Party’s highest levels?

      Here’s some “fact-based information” for you: Mark Williams is the former chairman of the Tea Party Express. Williams was forced to resign his Tea Party Express spokesperson position after he posted a “letter” to Abraham Lincoln in praise of slavery in the voice of “colored people” on his blog. Then there’s Dale Robertson who claims he’s the “President And Founder Of The Tea Party” and owns and operates the website. But he’s not a racist, is he? Then there’s Grady Warren, the Tea Party fundraiser, whose racism literally seeps out of his sweaty, bigoted pores. If the 40 + photos and videos here (and more than 100 I haven’t gotten around to to posting yet) show, it’s that racism is endemic in the Tea Party.

      The real question is: Why do you and other Tea Partiers tolerate and defend the racists in your ranks? Please explain that.

  6. Look at these stupid progressive SEIU thugs. Can’t even spell AMERICAN. See, I can post stupid signs from your side as well. Want more?

    • latftp says:

      Good god, why should they mock poor fellows thus? Glenn Beck and you Tea Baggers insist employees of hotels and restaurants are “thugs” for simply demanding the same things you want for yourselves and have already likely gotten. These are the people who feed and clean up after you. They bring you fresh towels, they change your nasty sheets, they wash your dishes and clean up your spills. And they do it day after day for low pay and no thanks. Explain to us why do you hate these American working men and women so much?

      • It’s time to shut down your blog. The New York Time has exposed your ilk:

        I see you couldn’t debate anything I put forth and went off on another unfounded tangent. These folks you speak highly about are generally illegal aliens who broke our immigration laws and put undue burdens on our education, health, legal and welfare systems. Nice try but you continue to be against the majority of Americans who want our immigration laws enforced.

        Using your ideology, I could claim Obama is racist, after having read his racism-filled book and talk about “typical white people” and how “a white man’s greed runs a world in need” statements. Your failed strawman idiocies are exposed. Time to give up the “everyone who is against Obama’s policies is racist” BS.

      • latftp says:

        Shut down this site? What on earth for? Just because you think some opinion piece says there’s no proof of racism in the Tea Party? Well, they can come see Tea Party racism right here!

        …If they were only interested in seeing actual Tea Party racism. But they’re not. Like you, they’re only interested in scoring cheap political points with the slack-jawed yokels and rubes who make up the Tea Party constituency. No thanks, Scotty. We get great traffic and many come here to see proof of the racists, bullies and morons that are found in the Tea Party and have a chuckle at their, and your, expense.

        Let’s take a look at this link you think proves so much. It’s a piece at the New York Times, so that much is OK. But as I mentioned, it an opinion piece, not actual news. It merely represents the *opinion* of the author. And that author is Ross Douthat. Douhat was brought in to replace Bill Kristol as a conservative voice on the Times opinion page. That’s Bill Kristol the Bush-era neocon, who was instrumental in starting the war in Iraq and is now at Fox News. Both Kristol and Douthat the Boy Wonder are ideologues, hardly a neutral sources. Knowing whose shoes Douthat is filling and what role he’s expected to play at NYT, Douthat has a clear conservative mandate and agenda. And what did Douhat find so compelling as to try to deny the hundreds of photos of undeniable Tea Party racism? The feeble effort of a a former CATO Institute intern, Emily Ekins, who strolled a Tea Party rally on the Washington Mall snapping pics of Tea Party signs. Now the CATO Institute is a well-known libertarian/conservative hackshop, er think tank, and Ms. Ekins approach is hardly scientific, conclusive, or to be trusted.

        Now if you want to pretend that an opinion piece by a commentator with an admitted conservative agenda citing a former intern of a arch-conservative think tank somehow proves something, please go right ahead. Clearly actual evidence, such as the photos and videos here at, has no effect on you. We can just add chronic denialist to the title of racist enabler you’ve already earned here and elsewhere.

        So why is it you’re ignoring the undeniable Tea Party racists here? You have never acknowledged, much less addressed, any of the examples of Tea Party racism shown at So tell us, Starnes, do you denounce the racist message of the congenital oaf in this post? Do you disavow the racist message in Warren Grady’s bigoted video? Do you or don’t you approve of the racist message of the Tea Party granny? Do you denounce any of the literally dozens of other photos of real Tea Party racism at

        Either you must disapprove of the messages in the photos and videos at or accept the fact that everyone here will see for a racist enabler who tacitly endorses the racism in the Tea Party but is too craven to stand up and publicly embrace your convictions. But pretending the racist Tea Partiers seen in the photos and video here simply don’t exist doesn’t work, Scotty. Time to man up and stand up for whatever it is you believe in. And put your money where your mouth is. If you want shut down you’ll have to buy it from me, pal. There’s some free market thinking for you.

  7. “So tell us, Starnes, do you denounce the racist message of the congenital oaf in this post?”

    LATFP, over at my blog you never told me whether you denounce booger-eating, you, you . . . booger-eater!

    P.S. I see a very harsh judgment of Obama’s character on the T shirt in this post, but nary a word based on the color of Obama’s skin. Your reasoning seems to be that all criticism of the President is de facto based on a prejudice for the pigment in his skin.
    Your reasoning is deeply flawed.

    And Starnes, don’t bother denouncing anything. I officially denounced racism while we were conversing at my blog site, and he/she didn’t bother to acknowledge it.

    You are just having fun here, right Starnes? You do know this conversation is pointless?

    Hey, LATFP are you a he or a she? Just curious. You seem like a really angry person. Are you really, or is it just for show?

    • latftp says:

      Welcome back and thanks for illustrating so clearly for our readers why you’ve earned the label ‘racist enabler.’ Equating our objection to the overtly racist message on this Tea Bagger’s sorry shirt to your juvenile demand that we deny we’re “booger-eating” shows you up for exactly what you are. I couldn’t have done it better myself. I simply can’t make this shit up, and I dare anyone to even try.

      I’m surprised and saddened that I have to explain this to an adult: One doesn’t need to refer to the color of anothers skin in order to be a racist. Simply despising others for their race will suffice. Acting on that hate, either obliquely, or overtly as our friend the subject of this post has, only makes the racism apparent to others. Defending this asshat puts you in the same league as he whether you recognize and acknowledge it or not.

      Your defense of this idiot means either you believe your own rhetoric that this assclown isn’t racist or you are being disingenuous and are defending him for other reasons. If the former then you have the cultural awareness of a low-grade moron, all the empathy of a lizard, and a resistance to learning from mistakes and growing. In other words, you’re a refractory racist enabler. If the latter, then you’re a lying hypocrite and no better than the racists you defend. Which is it?

      • Wait a minute. You are all about the mocking for comedic effect, remember? You mock the Tea Party type with insults (racist enabler!), curse words, and various name-calling (whack-job, bigot, clown).

        Then, when I use a childish taunt (booger eater!) to gently mock you in return, you don’t notice that it is my way of saying your accusations are childish.

        Reckon that answers my question about your anger. It is not for show; it is real and has deafened you to pretty much anything I say.

        I shall try to follow your reasoning. “One doesn’t need to refer to the color of anothers (sic) skin in order to be racist. Simply despising others for their race will suffice.”

        Okay. So calling someone of a different pigment hue the following : a fraud, a liar, a socialist, and a racist bigot, is automatic proof that you think those things because you despise them for the color of their skin. Not for their words, their actions, or their beliefs.

        Yet, only the words, actions, and beliefs of a person matter. Not the color of their skin. This is all so silly. I don’t know what is in that T shirt guy’s heart. You don’t either.

        I hope the best for you. I can’t convince you of anything, me recks. I’ll stop trying.

  8. This will really piss you off: ABC News polls shows 55% of Americans believe the Tea Party will bring the change Obama couldn’t deliver:

    Ouch! The liberal media who tried to smear the Tea Party movement as “racist” to cover for Obama’s failures is now reporting that the majority of Americans believe the Tea Party is the answer, not Obummer (is it racist if I call him Obummer?)

  9. writechic says:

    latftp, every week there’s a chronicle of bigotry. Just in the last few days, it was Sharron Angle not being able to tell she was addressing a room full of Latino kids. Brian Kilmeade and “all terrorists are Muslims”…which WOW, not just bigoted, but profoundly stupid. The black community is being targeted as conspiratorial committers of voter fraud.

    Expect to see more trolls…Koch Industries and other sleazeball anonymous donors are dumping money into the campaigns of these idiots.

  10. writechic says:

    Karl Rove says Tea Partiers can’t read, but it’s okay if you’re illiterate because he like your money. 😀

  11. Chopper Jones says:

    I described the typical Tea Bagger as “rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes” and I think it upset a few of the Tea baggers. I’m truly sorry I hurt your feelings and I will try to be more careful in the future. As for all the rednecks, hayseeds, slack-jawed yokels, and other ignorant rubes please keep drinking the GOP/TEA BAGGER/FOX NEWS kool-aid.

  12. Val Veliz says:

    I’m shocked by the racists here. I’ll be showing this to my class. I hope all you see the light someday and rejoin the rest of us without hate and fear.

  13. Dave says:

    I think it’s naive to the point of embarrassment, to think that after November anything will change. It’s all more of the same. So what if the Tea Baggers manage to get two people elected. Or perhaps the Republicans win the majority. Nothing will change. It will be back to business as usual and the economy will continue to go tits up while the wealth is distributed to the wealthy.

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