What An Ass

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Tea Party
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More intellectual brilliance from the Tea Party

…and “civility.” The level of ignorance and hate that’s required to not just think up that message, but to then construct the sign, haul it to a rally, then march in public with it is depressing. There’s no shortage of hateful, bitter Tea Baggers it seems.

  1. Val Veliz says:

    Now that’s not nice. I’m so disappointed in these people.

  2. JMM says:

    For people that don’t think much, it is just too easy to blame the black guy! So weak.

  3. JMM says:

    The whole socialism bit is such propaganda, it is funny. Look at where the handouts are given in this country. Alsaka, a red state, leads the way in hand outs and is totally reliant on the Fed Gov to keep it in the black. Then you have all of the farming agricultureal states (all red) that are given hundreds of millions in farm subsidies each year, so when you have crazy right wing nut jobs yelling about socialism and Obama, they need to look at their own back yard, b/c the Federal Gov has been floating them for YEARS!!!!!!!

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