Stop for a moment and think about what kind of man it takes to knock a woman half his size to the ground and then stomp on her head with a boot hard enough to give her a concussion? Libertarian Tea Party Senate candidate Rand Paul supporters and officials are that kind of man, that’s who!

What sort of man would then blame her and police for what he did? A bully; it’s in the nature of abusers and bullies to blame their victims.

What kind of man demands his victim, again – a woman half his size, apologize to him for his assault on her? The sort who is not man enough to accept personal responsibility for his own actions.

Could any group of Americans be so clueless and self-satisfied at the same time as libertarian Tea Partiers? The best part about this incident is its clear look into the mind of the typical libertarian. The Brown Shirts that did this show that Sinclair Lewis was right when he said, “Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag.”

Let’s have a look at these assholes…

Tim Profitt, head-stomper extraordinaire and Rand Paul for Senate Bourbon County, Kentucky Coordinator and donor with Rand Paul. Profitt has admitted to stomping his foot on Lauren Valle’s head. Rand Paul refused calls to return Profitt’s $2000 donation.

Mike Pezzano, when he’s not assaulting women.

Little man, big gun. Pezzano, carrying an AK-47 assault rifle at a Tea Party rally. If Pezzano were a Real Patriot® he’d have ‘bought American’ and wouldn’t be toting a Russian assault rifle, the choice of terrorists and death squads everywhere. Good guys carry M-16s. And good guys don’t batter girls…

Now let’s have a look at the full videos…

I’m impressed. Pezzano is wearing a “Don’t Tread On Me” pin. I guess he took it to mean Tread On The 115lb Woman Instead.

And despite all the violence in that fracas Pezzano still manages the time to cop a feel of Lauren Valle’s breast:

Pezzano’s crimes go beyond run-of-the-mill assault and battery to sexual assault apparently.

Tea Party culture of intimidation indeed. These are the sort assholes we have to look forward to dealing with and the sort of treatment they expect to visit on those who disagree with them if the Tea Party gets its way.

  1. kobeight says:

    Try that shit in Murrieta, CA..Teafuckers! What kind of degenerate men are they? They have no honor!

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    Man, I love this site. I always come her when I need a laugh and I point Tea Baggers here all the time when they start in with their BS. But this story isn’t making me laugh. I’m fucking mad. I knew Tea Baggers were insane, I just didn’t know how much.

  3. Jared Hyder says:

    I would have ripped his ears off. Only takes 5 psi.

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