#4 Violent Tea Partiers: Hutaree Militia

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Tea Party, Tea Party Violence

From March 28 to March 30, 2010, nine members of the Hutaree Militia and Michigan Tea Party were arrested in police raids in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana for a plot to kill various police officers and civilians using assault rifles and homemade bombs.

Who were these lowlife asshats, running around in the woods in camouflage fatigues and making bombs? The Hutaree Militia was part of the Christian Patriot movement, based in Adrian, Michigan.


The Hutaree Militia in greener days


The Hutaree Militia now. The green jail jumpsuits are a nice touch.

And why were these monuments to ignorance and gun culture running around armed in the woods and making bombs? For the Antichrist, of course.

According to their former website, they were preparing for an apocalyptic battle with the forces of the Antichrist, who they believed would be supported and defended by local, state and federal police departments (Don’t they always?). On their website, all police and military members who would support the current U.S. system of local, state or federal government were described as members of the “brotherhood”, and were considered by the Hutaree to be “enemies”. And the Hutaree were going to do what any good, self-respecting paranoid survivalist, sovereign citizen, conservative  Christian paramilitary nutjob would do: Prepare for the Second Coming by training to take out the “enemy,” police and civilians attending a funeral, with bombs and frontal assaults. It’s unclear whether bayonet charges to “Onward Christian Soldiers” were planned for the mopping up operation.

Not only were these feckless, potentially murderous clowns Tea Party members, they were Ron Paul supporters as well. Their leader, David Stone, was a “Ron Paul fanatic” and their website contained a number of Ron Paul videos.

An event organized with the Hutaree, which they fortunately missed due to being in the pokey

As usual immediately upon the arrests Tea Party members rushed in to defend the Hutaree Militia. Hilbert William Gavel Jr at Tea Party Patriots, “Official Home of the American Tea Party Movement,” wrote:

“The problem as I see it is that although we all stand together in dissapproval with the Government as it is now we as a group need to show the politicians that if necessary we will all fight for what we believe in by every means necessary. If it comes to it we must all be ready to make sacrafices to include ourselves if it comes to it. The politicians have to know that if they follow the current path the American people will revolt. FEAR HAS TO BE INSTILLED IN THEIR HEARTS and by this I dont mean resort to violence immediately but if it has to happen we must be ready. Our forefathers knew this when the country was founded and everyone also knew it when we had the Civil War.”

I can just see Hilbert Gavel now, running for cover, clutching his Daisy Red Ryder BB gun as the black helicopters in his head sweep past…

Welcome to the Tea Party’s response to not getting their way.

  1. RT says:

    “they were preparing for an apocalyptic battle with the forces of the Antichrist”

    WTF? Talk about a disconnect from reality!

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