#5 Violent Tea Partier: Suspect(s) still at large

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Tea Party, Tea Party Intimidation, Tea Party Violence

One more example of the Tea Party’s chronic culture of intimidation.

One Monday evening in March of 2010, two Tea Party fools posted the address of a home on the Internet, mistakenly believing it was the home of Rep. Tom Perriello, the former U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 5th congressional district. One of the activists urged others to “drop by” and “express their thanks” for Perriello’s vote in favor of health care reform.

In typical Tea Party ignorance, these incompetent asshats had the wrong address. The address they posted was for Bo Perriello, Tom Perriello’s older brother. And Bo promptly received a threatening letter in the mail the next day and someone apparently severed a gas line at his home. Tuesday evening, Bo’s family smelled gas and discovered the propane line of a gas-powered grill on their screened-in porch had been slashed.

Not only were these Tea Party bullies dumb enough to broadcast on the Internet their role in an attempt to threaten a member of congress, but they couldn’t even get the address right. Whoever sent the threatening letter and cut the gas line is still at large. And a moron.



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