Beat down with the stars

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Tea Party, Tea Party Violence

Senator Scott Bundgaard and some ditz who unfortunately was not his date.

A Tea Party Senator has been accused of abusing girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, after a “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser. Only state law giving senators immunity from arrest while the legislature is in session saved Arizona state Sen. Scott Bundgaard from a night in jail for beating his girlfriend. Both he and his girlfriend were taken into custody but only his girlfriend was arrested because Bundgaard claimed he had immunity while legislature is in session. Did you get that? Bundgaard told police that they couldn’t arrest him because he was a state senator.

What is it with violent Tea Partiers and Arizona?

Bundgaard’s actual date, Aubrey Ballard, in her post-fundraiser, pre-orange jumpsuit finery.

Ballard directed the Marketing & Public Relations department of a nonprofit safe house that rescues child victims of sex slavery. You’d expect her to know something about domestic violence and how to handle such situations.

This is not the first time Scott Bundgaard has seen the inside of a police cruiser or police station: In the 1980s he was convicted of burglary. After he had served his sentence Bundgaard’s felony conviction was “expunged.”

Is this sort person fit to lead? The Tea Partiers think so.

  1. writechic says:

    Beating on a woman must be extra awesome when you know you have immunity. 😦

  2. RT says:

    What? Why no semi-literate TP poster here making some misspelled crack about how this proves liberals are evil? I am disappointed.

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