Tea Party Crank Attacks, Gets Arrested

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Tea Party, Tea Party Intimidation, Tea Party Violence

Video of a violent Tea Partier nut case attacking the speaker at today’s Democratic rally in Houston:

Another example of the Tea Party’s culture of intimidation. But remember, there are no violent Tea Party members.

  1. Principled Patriot says:

    She’s just lucky somebody tackled him before he stuck that megaphone upside her ear. I mean up her ass which is where head is located. Good to see people standing up to liberal moonbats trying to ruin this country.

  2. latftp says:

    “liberal moonbats trying to ruin this country”

    Just as Sinclair Lewis predicted fascism came to America wrapped in a flag. And it called itself the “Tea Party.”

  3. gogol says:

    Why do you think the man belonged to the Tea Party? What’s your evidence?

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