The Long Slide From Humor to Hate

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Homophobia, Racism, Tea Party

I dare you to try to sit through the one minute and thirty seconds of her “bim bam boodle” visual and aural shrillness without your head exploding from her complete, without qualification or exception, inanity.


Failed former Saturday Night Live comic and current Tea Partier Victoria Jackson published a blog post condemning the creators of Glee for airing a gay kiss and mocking the Christian religion. As if her shrill brand of homophobia and racist hate wasn’t enough of a mockery of Christianity. In it she referred to Glee’s producers as “shoving the gay thing down our throats.” And there I was thinking she couldn’t be funny.

Adjudged long ago a mean, right wing racist harpy, Jackson is reduced to writing a column at that place of all things conspiratorial and wingnuttish, WorldNetDaily, where she is known for her anti-Muslim and Arab diatribes.

Here she is, performing her new Tea Party shtick for the rubes and yokels:

If there is any justice in this life this feckless sack of skin will get knocked up by Charlie Sheen during one of his drug-fueled moments of even poorer judgment and deliver unto us a gay hermaphrodite which she will feel compelled to raise and learn to love. Now that’s entertainment.

And shining justice.

  1. Rebel says:

    Loser’s, Morons & dumbasses who run this site. Your blogs aren’t even as good as the mental cases in the comments section of this site. Except mine of course. When your rooted in fact & not stupidity it’s easier to have people take you seriously. Obama is a liar & thats why he’s a one & done Prez. FUCK YOU BITCHES. TEA PARTY is the beginning of our rebirth as a Nation. Your pissed about Victoria Jackson? I have more brain in my left nut than you have in your whole body. You can take everyone who comes to this website, combine their I.Q. & my left nut would still win. AGAIN FUCK YOU VERY MUCH.

  2. latftp says:

    “When your rooted in fact & not stupidity it’s easier to have people take you seriously.”

    You’re more right than you realize. Your comment proves your point by example. Keep up the great work, Rebel.

  3. Anomic Office Drone says:

    When did Miss Piggy get racist?

  4. […] absurdity knows no bounds and there are even websites dedicated to it.  Hell, they even have a racist Ms. Piggy lookalike. Yes, the Tea Party makes People of Walmart look like they’re going to a formal gala where […]

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