The Shame of Illiteracy…

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Illiteracy, Tea Party

does not exist within the Tea Party.

There was a time when the illiterate hid their handicap. With the emergence of the Tea Party and its’ willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism, illiteracy is a badge of honor.

Why should anyone take the opinion of people who chronically can’t spell, much less make a coherent argument, seriously? The answer is they shouldn’t.

  1. Basharr says:

    It is astounding you choose to pounce on spelling errors versus the message. This is a sign you have no argument and bask in the ability to point out errors in spelling. The coherent argument still stands you just choose not to address it due to spelling…lol It is the easy way out don’t address the argument attack the spelling as it means so much more.

    • latftp says:

      What message? There is no message upon which pounce, pal. All there is a bumper sticker slogan. Not only is it misspelled, it’s incoherent as well.

      An irrational, misspelled, empty slogan. The perfect representative of the usual Tea Party ideas and solutions.

    • RT says:

      Colonel Walter E. Kurtz : The borror. The borror.

      It is interesting that the Tea Party is now adopting very obviously left wing segments of the Bible to make their arguments. So the right is now against usury, is it? (Don’t let the Koch brothers hear you say that.) Finance is to be replaced with an economic system whereby a societal collective administers to people on the basis of need? (Again, don’t tell the Koch brothers this.) Sounds intriguing. My advise is start small and slow and expect outside (and likely violent) interference from the entrenched global capitalist system.

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