More Tea Party Racism: This time it’s an official

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Racism, Tea Party

Another Tea Bagger reveals their true self. And she’s a GOP official and luminary.

Birther, prominent Tea Party activist, and California GOP party officialMarilyn Davenport, emailed this racist image of Obama to fellow GOP officals.

Davenport captioned this as “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

But remember, there are no racists in the Tea Party, according to Tea Partiers. Or bigoted homophobes.

A former California GOP chairman says that the email is Davenport’s third strike. He’s is calling for her resignation, citing two previous incidents in which Davenport defended the racist actions of two fellow Orange County conservatives. Another is calling for an ethics investigation. So this particular Tea Bagger has a history of racism… We’re all soooo surprised.

And this pissy epistle is how Davenport excuses her racism:

Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people–mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it. … I will NOT resign my central committee position over this matter that the average person knows and agrees is much to do about nothing.

“I have friends who are black…” Seriously Marilyn? Could you possibly be more tone deaf? Or predictable.

Not satisfied with run-of-the-mill douchebaggery, Davenport upped the crazy and came out swinging at whichever of the recipients who objected to her racism: Marilyn sent another email to fellow California wingnut activists demanding to know the identity of “the coward” who supplied the press with a copy of her offensive email! Nice work, Marilyn. You shameless bigot.

How many other unhinged, racist, whackjobs are lurking in the Tea Party’s ranks? The GOP? Experience (and the examples here) indicate many, many more, and we expect to be here covering them for a very long time.

  1. Rebel says:

    Fuckoff libby losers and dumbasses and stop inventing shit to pick on patriotic Americans like Marilyn Davenport. You got nothing on her. The pic is NOT RACIST. You get that? You MORONS will say anything to put down REAL AMERICANS who challenge are pretend president and MUSLIM in cheif. The Tea Party is founded by PATRIOTS, run by PATRIOTS and is the source of are nations next LEADERS. So you understand what that means. We’re going to shut you down in 2012. You liberals can FUCKOFF until then!!

    • writechic says:

      Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! The shock. 😯 Another tea party nut (REBEL) who can’t fucking spell. Too much Koch-sucking when he should have been studying.

      • Basharr says:

        Lol Another libby loo who thinks a few spelling errors spoil the argument…seems like your argument lacks substance. “Koch-sucking” tisk tisk spelling error, cancel this argument. lolwhen you don’t have a valid argument you choose to do what is so common on the left…Liberal Smears and attacks. Talk about blind and weak.

      • latftp says:

        Basharr, you truly are a typical Tea Bagger cretin. Koch is correctly spelled, not that we expect you get the pun or recognize the reference. Tea Baggers and Koch go hand-in-hand, so to speak.

        For your benefit and that of the rest of the chronically benighted Tea Party asshats, there are two arguments made in this post and the subsequent comment; 1) that images of black people as monkeys is inherently racist given the long history of such denigration, something you’ve conceded, and 2) Tea Baggers as a rule are marginally literate. Again, that not we’d expect you to recognize that. Case in point, the grammar and punctuation of your comment. Like I said to you before, be sure to let us know when you get a clue.

    • RT says:

      Thank you, Rebel, for living down to my ridiculously and cartoonishly low impression of right wingers. I am at the point now where I almost hate your country enough to hope that you actually do vote one of these assholes as president.

  2. latftp says:

    Rebel, Rebel…

    The only things you’re rebelling against are critical thinking, any thought beyond the ninth grade level, parse-able grammar and spell check.

    Another utterly conventional malcontent; much more a sheep than a dissident.

  3. Basharr says:

    This is disgusting, while Pelosi tells seniors cuts are gonna starve them, Reid tells everybody cuts are gonna kill the cowboy poetry festival….you sit around looking for segments of a huge movement an try to cast a shadow of hatred over a massive group based on the words of a few. Dan White was a democrat and assassinated the Mayor of San Francisco…See by your tactics I have just proven all Dens are assassins….lol Get a life and how about exposing the liberals for what they really are…Hypocrites. Michael Moore, Soros, Pelosi, Penn, the list goes on, all these people who have gotten rich but say it is bad for others to do so. What scares you more…The fact you might be wrong, or that others are smart enough to see your own hate for exactly what it is? It is your own hatred that is suspect and does damage to your cause. Your rhetoric id not Patriotic.

  4. Basharr says:

    By the way the monkey picture was unwarranted and unkind, however I do believe a monkey could have lead this country better than Obama has done. No racism here never had it never will. I just dislike people who think America is a bad place but would not choose to live anyplace else.

    • latftp says:

      We’re right proud that you’re not a racist. But you are a racist-enabler. Why is that?

    • latftp says:

      We love America. Just not the self-righteous, ignorant, bigoted tools in the Tea Party trying to make a power grab. Anyone opposed to folks of that sort clearly love this country more than those they oppose, …and know what being an American really means.

  5. basharr says:

    The arguments are coherent just not to your liking. Self righteous? It is called being proud to be an American and willing to stand up to the fools running this country off of a cliff. Yes you can count yourself in that group because you do not get it and you never will. You are about hate. A hatred of anything you do not agree with. In times when unions feel it is ok to use intimidation tactics, Government is spending every dime they can get their hands on are you once just once saying STOP? Look around you is this the country you grew up in or has it changed for the worse. Apparently I am a bad guy to you because I believe we need to take America back from an over sized government and as well fire the people in government that are acting like elitists. There was a time America meant something but politicians and yes Liberals have tried to make America into something that is unrecognizable and honestly not what America was meant to be. What do you do with your money? Do you spread it around to all the needy or do you bank it and pay your bills? Either way isn’t it nice that you have the choice to decide what to do with what you earn? You are attacking and vilifying the very people that want you to continue to be able to have that choice. You don’t know me but from the first time you wrote on my blog you did so with an insult. Plain and simple you talk about coherency yet there was nothing of substance. So perhaps you are arrogant enough to believe that because you can insult somebody you have made your case. If your hatred is so strong for everything Tea Party perhaps you need to take a step back because the country is in dire need and you can be part of the solution and quit being part of the problem. No I am not saying join the Tea Party, I am saying join fellow Americans and demand that the debt and spending be taken under control. I could spend a whole week insulting you and attacking you just over your online insults and your better than me attitude. I am not a member of the Tea party but I see their good and I support their efforts. You want to talk about racism and enabling? Rev Wright, Sharpton, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton just to name a few and they either label you a racist if you don’t agree with Obama’s policies or they make racist comments like Clinton referring to Obama as a house negro. See you cannot have it both ways and though you can close your eyes to the fact that the Liberal Left is no better when it comes to keeping racism alive and well. Morgan Freeman says that until people stop bringing racism up it will never go away. As far as being a cretin…lol classic. Check the spelling if you like I do not base my worth or yours on spelling capability. Get a clue and take off the blinders.

    • latftp says:

      Your ideas are so simple a child of five could understand them. Now we just need a child of five to translate them since we’re not fluent in Teabagger.

      You’re not getting any traction here not because we think you’re a “bad guy.” It’s that you simply do not get it. You and the rest of the Tea Party have shown yourselves over the months to not have any meaningful, real solutions to today’s problems. And what few ideas you do have are fatally flawed because you do not grasp the fundamental nature of the problems.

      How are these gen-u-ine Tea Bagger Solutions® for clueless? Returning to the gold standard? Check. Increasing spending on prisons while cutting spending on effective social programs? Check. Secession of states from the union? Check, 1861 style. State proposals for certifying/verifying presidential candidates? Yep. Checking 9-11 first responders seeking medical treatment compensation against the FBI terror list (because knocking down the towers was just the terrorist’s first step. The main part is their operatives in the NYFD and NYPD who responded getting lung cancer and bankrupting us. Devious.) Super duper stupid check. Submitting a bill establishing a “Museum of Ideas” (Because in Teabagger experience ideas are so rare they warrant enshrining in a museum. Brought to you by the same Tea Party pinhead as the preceding one. Florida, of course.) Check.

      Need I go on? I’ve only scratched the surface of so-called ideas from the Tea Party.

  6. basharr says:

    “How are these gen-u-ine Tea Bagger Solutions® for clueless? Returning to the gold standard?” As compared to just printing more money and devaluing our dollar?I don’t see either fixing our economy and I know printing more money is harming the economy. Next?
    I am one hundred percent behind seeing that first responders are taken care of. “Submitting a bill establishing a “Museum of Ideas” (Because in Teabagger experience ideas are so rare they warrant enshrining in a museum. Brought to you by the same Tea Party pinhead as the preceding one. Florida, of course.) Check.” You could make a valid argument were you not so intent on insulting people. Better luck next time.

    Now lets try a liberal reality check. Obama comparing illegals that cross the Rio Grand to the people throughout history who took the time to come here to this country legally. He said they were the same..They ARE NOT the same, saying they are just shits on the people who took the time to come here legally. Or Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) he sent a warning to both parties about the Hispanic vote in 2012, and asked President Barack Obama to bypass Congress in implementing immigration reform if a Republican House doesn’t let it happen. So its for one an elected official who is supposed to work for the American people, spending our tax dollars (he gets paid) working for rights for ILLEGALS. I am for legal immigration but to support illegal immigration is saddling every American with the bills these people run up. We have not even delved into the amount of drugs they pour into this country. But since we are on the subject, My home town Liberalville (San Francisco) is a sanctuary city, Refusing to deport illegals and because of it a fender bender accident turned into a triple homicide. A father and his two sons executed by an illegal that had recently been released from jail instead of being deported. So we could go on and on but please bring your 5 year old so you can understand what I am saying. If you cannot look in the mirror and see the Bull Shit pouring out of the left then perhaps you have no place talking down anybody because blind bias and hate are the instruments of the fool. Try taking off the blinders and exercising a little honesty. As I said in an earlier post Dan White by using your wide brush makes all democrats Twinkie induced assassins. But mostly they are character assassins and thats actually pretty sad when it is the only card you seem to favor…Peace.

  7. Chopper Jones says:

    @ Right Wing Loonies:

    Are you riding your pet pig around the yard naked and shaking your fist at the Birther God in the sky? Again…

  8. […] and where did this bigoted Tea Bagger make this stunning proclaimation? In a private email to other Tea Baggers? Nope. On the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives in middle of the […]

  9. Basharr says:

    This is hilarious, I mean of course there is a more civil road to discourse but for someone for the response to be as equal if not worse, and by worse I mean adding nothing to discourse but insults. It shows there is truly a lot lacking in the ability to debate. To talk about bigoted as it is a bad thing when it is expressed here from the liberal (spend the country to death) loons, is at the very least hypocritical and at best a joke. As I have stated before if you are willing to sit back while the country drowns in political divide then you become part of the problem and quite pathetic for not being able to step past your hate. You call yourself an American yet do nothing to promote patriotism. I know what is needed in this country and it “IS NOT” the division perpetrated upon this country by the Obama administration and its goons. If by this point you cannot see that Obama does not have a clue on how to run a country and lead the people as in “We the People” then you are blind or stump stupid. That’s the plain and simple facts. America is failing and it is failing because Washington DC is broken and it seems some people driven by hatred don’t understand that we need a time back when the division was not so prominent and fueled by the President of this great nation. Sometimes it takes someone with enough backbone to state the truth and not muddy it up with bull shit political correctness.

  10. Basharr says:

    “you are blind or stump stupid.” Facts just the facts. If a person so ideologically blind, which by the way is willful and if not said person would be stump stupid. The country is drowning in debt and all the division is killing it. If people cannot see there is a need for unity then the facts are obvious. I have stated time and time again be part of the solution and not part of the problem. My fix is fire everybody in Washington and start over but, I am not so blind I cannot see the garbage in both parties. Thanks RT.

  11. Basharr says:

    Just presenting you with facts.

  12. Basharr says:

    Am I wrong? Look at the name of this blog…. Like I said facts.

  13. RT says:

    I can’t help it. I just find unbridled arrogance hilarious. Seeing you type predictable responses and peppering them with the word “facts” is just plain old funny. You rock!

  14. Basharr says:

    Thank You! =) And that’s a fact!

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