Desperate Tea Baggers Dropping All Pretense About Not Being Racist

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Racism, Tea Party
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While the Tea Party spent the last four years shouting ignorant non sequiturs  like “Socialist!” and “Terrorist!” at anyone they took issue with, we were busy documenting all of the racist things they were saying when they thought they could get away with it. And friend, we were kept busy…

Well, recognizing that their prospects this election stand somewhere between zero and nil, they’re upping the crazy and letting their mask slip.

Feast your eyes on what these Tea Bagging champions of free enterprise have cooked up:

Buy yours here!

Yes, yes, you Tea Baggers have come here time and again claiming that opposition to Obama is not racism. But crap like this certainly is. And this. Or this.

The sad, sorry fact is, there is no shortage of examples of Tea Party racism. Odious opinions like theirs have no place in civil society, or even American politics.

It is indeed time to throw the bums out.

  1. J Roycroft says:

    You are a liar and a fool. I couldn’t help but notice that the earliest archive date is July 2010 and you have only 44 followers. That pretty much says it all. This blog is written by a typical representative of those who follow the Marxist ruler Obama. You can’t think for yourself nor can you live your life without the government holding your hand. You use grammar found only in the streets and from a person who is ignorant, poorly educated and lacks the ability to form a complete cognitive sentence. In other words the person writing this blog is a basic dumb ass.You’re a rank amateur and you will never be anything more than that.

  2. latftp says:

    I usually make it a habit to respond to critics only when I am assured of having either the last word or the last laugh. Crufty Roycroft here has generously afforded me the opportunity to have both — not once, but many times over.

    Firstly, Roycroft, nice job totally ignoring the racism described here from your Tea Bagger buddies. Go ahead and keep pointing your finger the other way and hoping no one will notice it. Good luck with that. Your attempts to change the subject do not excuse Tea Baggers from being racist assholes.

    Next, why should anyone take seriously an opinion about grammar and prose from someone who writes “You use grammar found only in the streets and from a person who is ignorant, poorly educated and lacks the ability to form a complete cognitive sentence”?

    Lastly, do you even know what a “cognitive sentence” is? I do, and it’s not what you appear to think it is…

  3. Kathy Kelley says:

    Bumper stickers? This is proof that Tea Partiers are racist? I want footage of Tea Partiers demonstrating racism. If you have one, Breitbart has $ 100,000 for you. But alas, NO ONE has claimed that reward, because the proof isn’t there. Now, Occupy Wall Street, on the other hand, has starred in multiple anti-Semitism rants on video. Give it up, loser.

    • latftp says:

      There’s no shortage of evidence of Tea Bagger racism here. But something tells me that all the evidence in the world of racist Tea Partiers will not satisfy you. No one is more adept at denying the undeniable than people who’ve already made up their minds despite all evidence to the contrary.

  4. sfcmac says:

    AW….You libtards are shitting your diapers over all of the scandals in the Obama regime. Desperation in the form of stupid accusations over race aren’t a substitute for facts. I’m really enjoying your meltdown.

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