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It’s just not where you think it is, Ms. Teatard.

If you're going to challenge someone's competence, it's important to be competent yourself, first. If you can't get the spelling of your own message straight, how competent can you be?

Self-righteous dimwits like her give us a crisis of incontinence.


The quality of thinking and understanding in Tea Partiers: Something so lacking in necessary qualities as to inspire ridicule

For fuck’s sake. Most illegal immigrants can spell better than Tea Baggers. Perhaps we should seriously reconsider who it is that warrants being deported…



Another Tea Bagger tool. She can’t be bothered to spell ‘daughter’ correctly or to proof read her sign but she’s got time to show up at a Tea Party rally, stand around yammering, and put her illiterate self and signs on display. If she were rational and genuinely concerned about her daughter’s future she’d take a remedial english course.

And it won’t cost much doug, er, dough at her local community college. Which, BTW, is funded by TAXES. Tea Baggers are going to get exactly the country they deserve if they are successful.

Look at these tools. They had better get used to standing on street corners holding signs, because begging for change will be their best option considering their level of home skooling and toolness.

Education doesn’t come free.  Nor does femdom. But we’ll talk about that later.

You’re being sold short by your own side, toolboy. You have all the signs…


Look at this half-wit. I bet he never met a jelly donut he didn’t like.

Learning how to spell ‘resistance’ is even more patriotic than standing at a Tea Party rally holding up a tree.


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More proof that the average reading level for Tea Party Fox News viewers is 3rd grade.

Education fail

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I think she just had a vowel movement.

So what if I can’t spell ‘thief’? I’m still right.