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Once again, the Tea Party proves itself to be the home to the most violent, ambitious gun-toting nutjobs and militia whackjobs. This time it’s a gang of retirees plotting to overthrow the government to “restore the constitution” by shooting all manner of government workers, bombing federal buildings, and indiscriminately mass-murdering as much the public as possible through biological and chemical warfare. All hatched at local waffle house in semi-rural Georgia.

These dangerous domestic terrorists doddering geezers were arrested after buying “silencers” and “explosives,” both inert, from an undercover FBI agent. In their possession at the time of their arrest were many of the necessary ingredients for ricin, which they intended to use to poison the public by spreading on roads and elsewhere. One senescent shooter boastedI could shoot ATF and IRS all day long. All the judges and the DOJ and the attorneys and prosecutors.” Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, one statedThere is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal: murder,” … “When it comes time to saving the Constitution, that means some people have got to die.

According to the complaint, one of the arrested repeatedly cited as the source of their plan the novel Absolved, authored by Tea Party leader and Fox News “expert” Mike Vanderboegh. This is the same Michael Vanderboegh who as a Tea Party leader and former militiaman, called for an armed march on Washington on April 19, and urged people to break Democrat party office windows. He’s also is on government disability. Douchebag.

It’s about time the rest of us, the normal sane people who believe in rational, civil political discourse, say Enough! to violent, unhinged Tea Baggers and Fox News who fan their flames.


Stop for a moment and think about what kind of man it takes to knock a woman half his size to the ground and then stomp on her head with a boot hard enough to give her a concussion? Libertarian Tea Party Senate candidate Rand Paul supporters and officials are that kind of man, that’s who!

What sort of man would then blame her and police for what he did? A bully; it’s in the nature of abusers and bullies to blame their victims.

What kind of man demands his victim, again – a woman half his size, apologize to him for his assault on her? The sort who is not man enough to accept personal responsibility for his own actions.

Could any group of Americans be so clueless and self-satisfied at the same time as libertarian Tea Partiers? The best part about this incident is its clear look into the mind of the typical libertarian. The Brown Shirts that did this show that Sinclair Lewis was right when he said, “Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag.”

Let’s have a look at these assholes…

Tim Profitt, head-stomper extraordinaire and Rand Paul for Senate Bourbon County, Kentucky Coordinator and donor with Rand Paul. Profitt has admitted to stomping his foot on Lauren Valle’s head. Rand Paul refused calls to return Profitt’s $2000 donation.

Mike Pezzano, when he’s not assaulting women.

Little man, big gun. Pezzano, carrying an AK-47 assault rifle at a Tea Party rally. If Pezzano were a Real Patriot® he’d have ‘bought American’ and wouldn’t be toting a Russian assault rifle, the choice of terrorists and death squads everywhere. Good guys carry M-16s. And good guys don’t batter girls…

Now let’s have a look at the full videos…

I’m impressed. Pezzano is wearing a “Don’t Tread On Me” pin. I guess he took it to mean Tread On The 115lb Woman Instead.

And despite all the violence in that fracas Pezzano still manages the time to cop a feel of Lauren Valle’s breast:

Pezzano’s crimes go beyond run-of-the-mill assault and battery to sexual assault apparently.

Tea Party culture of intimidation indeed. These are the sort assholes we have to look forward to dealing with and the sort of treatment they expect to visit on those who disagree with them if the Tea Party gets its way.

Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag.” – Sinclair Lewis

In honor of Tim Profitt and Mike Pezzano’s  eye-opening assault of a 115 lb woman, will be dedicated to showing the Tea Party’s pervasive culture of intimidation this month.

Ranging from implied threats seen in Tea Party signs, to Tea Partiers showing up in public with assault rifles, to the criminal violence of Rand Paul’a and Joe Miller’s violent thugs, we will be presenting disturbing examples of Tea Party bullying, incivility, and violence all this month.

Another example of the culture of intimidation coming from the Tea Party.

Catherine Crabill, wingnut Republican nutjob, er, nominee for the 99th Congressional District of Virginia IS OUT OF HER MIND. Here she yammers to her Tea Party friends in the “resolution style” which has become very popular among Teabaggers. That is to say every sentence begins with “Whereas” and is followed by insane rants. Here is a quote for your enjoyment:

“We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box… That’s the beauty of our 2nd Amend rights.”

Did you get that? If they don’t win the election they still have their guns to resort to.  These people are fucking insane. They should not be allowed anywhere near guns. And asshats like Crabill are irresponsibly fanning the flames of their insanity. Criminally so, if another one of these Tea Baggers snaps and decides to act on their incitement.

This racist assclown is Grady Warren of Jacksonville, Florida. According to the Fishing for Freedom Triple Challenge benefitting the Tea Party MovementFor the last 20 years, he has hosted and produced over 500 television shows and dozens of travel videos for hunting and fishing resorts from Argentina to Oregon.”

Deleted by YouTube 3/2011!

UPDATE: Here’s the original even more racist version that was taken down by YouTube: Barack Obama, the angry negro

Another new version is up at YouTube, 3/16/2011

This lovely video is from Conservative Sportsmen and was promoted by Team Sarah

Filled with good, clean White conservative American sentiments and threats like “We don’t want 15 to 20 million illiterate Mexicans and Chicanos in our society and living like rats in our neighborhood. They must go and either the government steps up or the government will have to clean up.” and “Barack, you, your advisors, … wanted to know who these pissed off people are in this country. The pissed off people sir, are the white people. It’s the white people, stupid.

This is the sort of people leading the Tea Party movement. How so? Because Grady Warren was the host of the Fishing for Freedom Triple Challenge benefitting the Tea Party Movement, billed as a “fundraising event … to raise money and awareness of your local Tea Party Organization.” It’s another example of the racism endemic to the Tea Party (as if you needed another example…). So you’ve got the producer of this video, a blatant racist, raising money for the Tea Party. And then you’ve got Team Sarah, Sarah Palin’s own gaggle of brown shirts, promoting the racist video! This is what the Tea Party is all about folks! Welcome back to the sort of organized racism we thought we’d banished in the 1960’s.

He says they’re going vote out all the lying Democrats and non-conservative Republicans. But then what’s all the weapons in the t-shirts featuring armed elephants and the slogan “peaceful but prepared” for?

Oh, and the video is called “Barack the Angry Negro.” There’s no racism in the Tea Party, you betcha.

BTW, read more about Team Sarah’s ugly problem with racism here.

More Grady Warren showing off his racist views here.  A particularly racist and bigoted rant.

Look at this douchebag-

Mom wouldn’t let him bring his BB gun. Next time, though… watch out!

Be careful what you ask for

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Carrying a sign like this at a gun-crazed, Obama-hatin’ Tea Party event is as about as responsible as leaving matches and lighter fluid in a mental ward…

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